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The firm was registered in Hong Kong in June 2013 with the purpose of supplying services to Chinese companies to assist them in developing their business abroad –setting up production and distribution facilities or organizing procurement operations- and to foreign companies to start operations in China.


The partners in the company are:


- Mr Mario Quinteros, a diplomat at the Argentine foreign service until retirement in April 2013. Served in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Kuwait, the UAE, India, Iran and China.


- Ms ZHAI Li, with a background in communications since 2001 working for the main Guangdong province publishing groups.

Areas of expertise

Though Yi Consulting has its more established and proven networks in Spain and Latin American countries, the scope of training, background and working experience of its partners allow for the company to feel confident in many other countries and geographical areas.

Mission statement

China is currently entering into a new phase in its economic growth; domestic costs have been increasing and many companies are finding themselves less competitive in foreign markets. One of the ways to remain in business is for the exporting firms to have a more proactive approach and to think in terms of going abroad to establish themselves in foreign markets, either with manufacturing operations or just by organizing their own distribution networks. Yi Consulting can assist the Chinese entrepreneurs to expand their operations abroad in a cost effective way and with concrete market results.


In the coming years, the Chinese domestic market will grow considerably and, thus, provide many opportunities for foreign companies to introduce their products and develop business activities. Yi Consulting can help international companies to take advantage in a profitable way of the expanding Chinese market.

Our activities

Yi Consulting has provided services to the following clients:

- Auto industry

Organized the visit of a high level delegation of Brilliance Auto to Argentina in order to meet with government representatives, business organizations, industry experts, auto manufacturers and other players in the auto industry with the purpose of obtaining first-hand information about the market situation and the opportunities available.

- Guangdong province’s government economic research institute in Guangzhou (China).


Regularly advising on economic developments in Latin America and liaising with academic institutions in the region.

- Food distributor


With this food distributor from Shenzhen (China), we organized procurement operations in Argentina and Uruguay. Establishing a subsidiary in Buenos Aires to develop trading operations with beef, planning the purchase and further processing of cattle to obtain beef for exports and programming the investment in a beef packing plant in Argentina.


Setting up the branch company in Spain (Malaga) to start the procurement of pork products.


Supporting sales and promotion activities in China.

- Liquor /wine


Organizing the promotion for a  manufacturer from Valencia (Spain) to promote it’s products in the Pearl River Delta and advising on the registration of the beverages with the Chinese sanitary authorities.


Organizing the visit of a wine importing company to Spain to prospect the market in order to locate and develop new business ventures.

- Real estate developer

Advising the real estate developer from Alicante (Spain) to develop a network of contacts to secure Chinese investors for individual properties on the Spanish Mediterranean coast and for participating in hotel and resort projects in Spain.

Services offered

- Tailoring solutions for specific international business challenges.


- Advise on and manage Company relationships with foreign government agencies, including embassies and consulates in the territory of the People’s Republic of China.


- Assist the company in devising strategies to develop its international business.


- Provide to the Company information necessary for the Company to develop its business in foreign countries.


- Obtaining business contacts in foreign countries suitable for the Company and its business plans.


- Assist the Company in arranging financing from local and international sources to adequately implement its international business development plans.


- Advise on negotiations of the Company with prospective or actual foreign business partners.


- Assist the Company in managing communications with foreign companies and other entities for promotional ends and participate in promotional activities of the Company, both in China and in foreign countries.


- Coordinate relations between the Company and business organizations such as chambers of commerce in order to promote the image of the Company and gain business information.


- Supply information to the Company for the development of new business endeavors.


- Advise the Company on administrative and business procedures in foreign countries.


- Supply Company personnel with information about historical and cultural profiles of foreign countries.



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ZHAI Li, Director - +86-136-6082-6591


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